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Would you like to help individuals maximize their own potential to live full and dignified lives

Direct Support Professional (DSP)

Provide a broad array of support services to promote the physical, emotional, and mental well being of the member. Assist the member to acquire knowledge and skills to be a valued member of his/her community based on his/her own choices. Provide training and supervision for the member to increase or maintain his/her self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills to reside and participate successfully in his/her own community. Support the member with developing positive relationships with his/her families. Provide opportunities for the member to interact socially with family, friends, and the community at large, including facilitating access to community resources. Assist the member in achieving and maintaining a quality of life that promotes the member's vision of the future. Provide assistance and training related to personal and physical needs and routine daily living skills, implement strategies to address behavioral concerns, ensure that the health needs of the member are met, assist with the implementation of therapeutic recommendations, assist with mobility and adaptive training, assist the member with medical requirements, provide general supervision, assist with opportunities for training and/or practice in basic member skills such as shopping, banking, money management, access to community resources, and community survival skills. Support the member to develop, maintain, or enhance independent functioning skills. Provide for the member's transportation needs. Develop a monthly on-site/community integrated schedule of activities together with the member. Coordinate with other service providers to ensure continuity of care for the member.

Job Requirements:
  • Must be physically capable of performing required tasks
  • Fingerprint background clearance
  • Negative drug screen
  • Must successfully complete Article 9, CIT, First Aid/CPR and other specified orientation trainings within the time frames required
  • Satisfactory 5-Year Driving Record (For positions that require driving)
  • Verification of employment information
  • Complete employment application
  • Satisfactory identification for immigration requirements

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