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Employment Services

 Group Supported Employment

We provide members with an on-site supervised work environment 2-6 hrs/day in an integrated community employment setting where 1-6 consumers can interact with non-disabled persons other than paid staff and will be paid according to the Department of Labor standards. Our service setting is a document destruction business located in rural downtown area in two counties where members interface with the public on a daily basis to the same extent that non-disabled individuals in comparable positions interact with the public.

Members offer document destruction services to a variety of different business and individual's and is operated according to the norm for it’s industry and will promote community integration with other members of the workforce, provide remunerative work and allow for maximum interaction among diverse populations. We assist clients to develop skills, abilities and behaviors that will enable them to realize their vocational aspirations and support their transition to am more independent setting and help clients to maintain positive work related habits, attitudes, skills, work etiquette and assist the client to become a part of the informal culture of the workplace.

Members work supervised out in the community providing services to various business and organizations, working with other staff and employees learning a wide array of skills.  

We ensure that develop and implement identified vocational outcomes as per the ISP team, participate in the VR process for progressive moves, that placement is specific to individual needs to include any worksite accommodations, that orientation, trainings and oversight that are sufficient to acquire the necessary job skills, identify strengths/barriers and assist to overcome any barriers/capitalize on strengths, availability of paid work, Service outcomes will reported every six months that reflects at least 75% of members meet goals and 10% are identified for progressive moves.

Qualified staff are hired and trained in developing and teaching meaningful employment related activities and to meet the ISP requirements of the individual. Records will be maintained according to Division requirements.

 Individually Supported Employment

We assist the paid member develop the job-specific skills necessary for successful employment/self-employment, and when appropriate assist with job search. We provide regular 1:1
contacts at an individual job site with the employed member that is time-limited<1yr. Service provided to the member who is working in an integrated setting or self-employed setting where the individual is able to interact with non-disabled persons. It is our goal to support the member to be able to develop positive work habits, attitudes, work etiquette as well as how to become a part of the informal workplace culture.

We collaborate with the ISP team to identify vocational outcomes that incorporate progressive moves, that the member has the opportunity to participate in gainful, productive, regular work, that the member is oriented to health/safety aspects of the job, that we identify necessary supports to maintain employment, provide ongoing job coaching & monitoring of performance, identify/resolve strengths, barriers/life problems, that we are respectful of member’s wishes as per ISP, assist with learning new skills for maintenance, assist with hygiene, demeanor & dress expectations, assist with all expected interaction in the course of employment, intervene with educating employers & co-workers in the abilities/limitations and assist the member with obtaining job enhancements etc.

When job search is provided we will ensure that we participate with the ISP team to develop job search strategy, goals, steps & hrs needed to achieve goals, creation of resume, interviewing skills & develop employment opportunities with local employers. Service outcomes will reported every six months that reflects at least 75% of members meet goals & report annually that 75% referred for job search become employed. Qualified staff will be hired/trained to meet the ISP requirements of the individual. Records will be maintained according to requirements