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Home and Community Based Services

 Attendant Care

Consumers eligible for attendant care services can expect to receive assistance from qualified staff which will allow them to remain in his/her home. In addition, attendant care services will provide supports to the consumer to facilitate participation in work and community. Our company provides assistance to the consumer to maintain personal cleanliness, activities of everyday living and safe, sanitary living conditions.

We ensure the implementation and development of a schedule and a general plan of care. We provide assistance in non-medical supervision and intervention pertaining to personal cleanliness and daily activities. The consumer participates in the planning of all self-determined activities. The level of assistance provided is directly related to level of care needed by the individual in an effort to maintain the client’s highest level of independent functioning. During the course of service, appropriate attention is placed toward necessary medical or social needs, such as maintenance of skin integrity, and other injuries or illnesses. Self-medication assistance and medication reminders are also provided as well as the maintenance of safe and sanitary living conditions.

Our company strives to preserve and improve the safety of every consumer by implementing into service each individuals unique ISP (Individual Service Plan). Some of these tasks may include dusting, heavy and light cleaning of floors, bathrooms, kitchen/appliances, changing linens, laundry, shopping, taking out trash and other duties deemed necessary by the individual's team. The consumer can expect to receive supports, such as but not limited to, bathing, toileting, oral hygiene, dressing, ambulation, transfers, comfort/safety measures, eating, meal preparation, assistance with special appliances, dusting, cleaning, shopping, and laundry.


Habilitative services provided by our company would include a variety of interventions to maximize the functioning of the consumer through behavior intervention, sensory-motor development, and habilitative therapies. In order to increase each consumer’s self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills, we provide the necessary training to allow each individual to reside and participate in his/her home and community setting.

We facilitate the consumer through specifically designed interventions to be able to achieve and maintain the quality of life that he/she envisions. In addition we provide to the client the necessary tools to gain the knowledge and skills to become a valued member of his/her community. Training interventions are designed to increase or maintain the consumer’s self-help and adaptive skills to participate successfully with his/her own family and community.

Behavioral concerns are addressed through the ISP process with selective intervention techniques and through coordinating with behavioral health programs in a holistic team setting. The implementation of all therapies is met through the individuals ISP and support plan. All entities involved, such as training providers, health care providers, and schools will play an active role in the individuals ISP and support plan.

Input derived from the various team members will help to develop strategies for habilitative objectives that can be carried out in context of the consumer’s daily routine. The consumer will be an active participant in determining the supports provided. The level of training provided to the client will be determined by the needs of the client allowing for the maximum level of independent living. Goals will be mutually agreed upon and outcomes will be measured routinely. Qualified supportive staff will be trained in all aspects of the individual’s ISP (Individual Service Plan).

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The Reeves Foundation, LLC is dedicated to enhancing and preserving the independence of the developmentally disabled population. House keeping services will provide assistance to the individual in the performance of routine household activities in their place of residence.

Our service goals are to improve and preserve the safety and sanitation of the consumer’s living conditions. A housekeeping agreement will be developed by the individual's team and implemented for each client. All routine maintenance supports deemed necessary for the preservation of safe/sanitary conditions will be provided: dusting, light and heavy cleaning of floors, bathrooms, kitchen/appliances, windows, walls, yard work, routine maintenance, laundry, changing linens, garbage, shopping, cooking and other duties determined by the consumer's ISP (Individual's Service Plan) team.

Goals will be mutually agreed upon by the team and outcomes will be measured routinely per the team’s decision. Services will be provided by trained and qualified staff of the Reeves Foundation. Housekeeping tasks will be provided for the consumer’s areas of living or the common areas used by the consumer. This service will not provide supervision or direct care services.

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The Reeves Foundation, LLC provides short-term care and supervision to the developmentally disabled population, consistent with the clients plan of care. We adhere to the Divisions service goals and objectives. Our company goal is to provide the client with supervision in a safe living environment that will meet his/her emotional, physical and mental well being while providing relief to the clients caregiver.

We determine the clients daily routine and care needs and the direct care staff are trained according to the individuals ISP and plan of care. We provide for the emotional and physical needs of the client, assist with the administration of any medications or treatments, provide for transportation needs, supply dietary needs, provide appropriate attention for injury or illnesses, and carry out the routine plan of care of the individual.

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