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Individually Designed Living Arrangements (IDLA)

Reeves Foundation provides the highest quality habilitative focused services possible. Our focus is the overall goal of maximizing the individual quality of life through interventions designed to enhance the functioning of the clients we serve while observing self-determination.

Services will address habilitative therapies, special developmental skills, behavior intervention and sensory-motor development. This will be an alternative non-licensed residential service setting which will accommodate up to three individuals who have chosen to live together and share resources and responsibility. We will provide habilitative services designed to facilitate the individual to reside in a setting of his/her choice according to his/her vision. The services are tailored to accommodate the multi-faceted needs of the clients.

Qualified staff will be retained and trained to meet the individual client needs in accordance with the individually designed objectives. The levels of supervision will be directly correlated with maintaining the client’s highest level of independent functioning. Services goals include support services to enable the client to gain knowledge and skills that would allow successful integration into the community, learn adaptive skills for safe participation in his/her own care, assist the client to achieve a self-defined quality of life and assist with positive development of relationships.

Individual support plans are developed in accordance with the ISP process. Support services will be provided according to the ISP to accommodate basic consumer skills, supervision, health needs, behavioral concerns, therapeutic recommendations and assistance with activities of daily living. We will focus on promotion of independent living, social skills, problem solving and assertiveness.